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    Game Boy Paperweight

    In April 2000 Nintendo hit the mark of 100 million sold Game Boy units worldwide. In honour of this occasion very few employees were given this amazing and extremely limited Game Boy Paperweight. Now there is a chance to acquire this rare piece of videogame & handheld history.


    Nintendo 64 Basketball

    There is little known about this promotional N64 Basketball, but it was very likely given to Nintendo staff & executives as an incentive for good work / high sales. Limited to 20 worldwide! An extremely rare and highly collectible item that would make a unique addition to one’s N64 collection.


    Zelda 64 Pocket Watch

    The Zelda 64 Pocket Watch was a promotional item and came out before the game was released. It has the old game title “Zelda 64” instead of “Ocarina Of Time” on it. That being sad the watch is now a highly collectible and rare accessoire, and a must have for Zelda collectors.


    Vintage Mario Mania Pin

    Real oldschool and rare Vintage Mario Mania Pin from the time around 1990 when Super Mario World came out on Super Nintendo. Typical 90’s design & flair. Perfect for showing your love for the vintage video games, Super Mario and Nintendo in general. Let the madness continue!


    Donkey Kong Country Skateboard

    Video games and skateboarding always had a romance. And today we found a rare offspring of this love: A original 1998 Donkey Kong Country Skateboard. It’s not too late for some rounds in the skatepark, so how about getting into the halfpipe or mini-ramp and reminisce the good ol’ times?

    Game Boy Advance Neon Sign

    If you’re a handheld-enthusiast you can now light up your game nights and give your gameroom some arcade hall feeling with this stunning Game Boy Advance neon sign. The sign is a original Nintendo store sign. It measures 3ft x6x6 and weighs 12 lbs.


    E3 Zelda Pin

    This beautiful Zelda pin was handed out to senior management staff of Nintendo at the E3 games Expo in the year 2002. It was not for resale and is a promotional limited edition pin for the ‘The Legend Of Zelda – Wind Waker’ game. A subtle yet stylish addition to every Zelda collectors wear.


    SNES Game Holder

    Impress your collector-buddies with this original SNES game holder that fits perfectly into the Nintendo cabinets and are highly coveted among CIB (complete in box) collectors. This is the perfect gift for your SNES game collecting loved one, co-worker or just yourself!


    Vintage Donkey Kong Mug

    "This is a rare Nintendo mug from 1981, featuring Donkey Kong, Mario, and Peach. This mug was manufactured by Grindley. It has some minor wear on the top and bottom of the mug."

    Official Nintendo Sticker Album

    "This listing is for the STICKER ALBUM ONLY, NO GAMES INCLUDED"

    Japanese Donkey Kong Pen

    "This is over 20 years old so the light-up feature and the pen itself likely will not be working"

    Super Mario Allstars Promo Banner

    "For sale today I have one of the rarest Nintendo display banners. I have been collecting signs for many years and I have never seen another one like this. This banner advertises the promotion for getting a free Super Mario All-Stars game pak with the purchase of a Super Nintendo Super Set in 1993. Also included is one of the tear off coupons that was used to redeem for the free game. The banner measures 4' long by 2' tall and is made of polyester. This is a official Nintendo distributed product, part number (P/N) 27974 The banner has some fold marks, along with some wear to the print and some slight discoloration in some spots, but is in overall good shape for its age."

    Nintendo “Power To The Players” Patch

    Brand New / Never Used Bulk Packaging (loose) Originally purchased from Hot Topic

    Super Mario Straw Cup

    Vintage straw cup with cap and lid, depicting Nintendo's Super Mario with Mushroom. Show some sings of wear as expected from use and age (1993).   Made by Whirley. This is a 100% official licensed Nintendo product.

    Princess Toadstool Wrist Watch

    The Nelsonic video game wrist watches were a widely popular merchandise product licensed by Nintendo. These watches came out by the time Super Mario Bros. 3 was released and were a perfect markekting move from Nintendo to get kids play games on the go. This is what it says on the backside of the box: “Princess Toadstool is trying to get to her castle. The dreaded Koopa Troopas advance down the path and try to block her. With your help and the help of her Mushroom friends, Princess Toadstool will find her way to safety!”

    Vintage Game Boy Backpack