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    Zelda 3D Diorama

    This handmade diorama inspired by The Legend Of Zelda is made out of hand cut cardboard and with lots of love. Be sure to pick one of these fan-made one of a kind items up. It’s enclosed in an acrylic cube and will be the ultimative eye catcher.


    Nintendo Cereal Shirt

    This Nintendo Cereal Shirt with a hologram picture of Mario & Link is a real gem. You won’t find this anywhere else and it’s even unclear when or where this was released. The estimated date is around 1989. A real unique collectors piece!

    1988 Vintage Zelda Shirt

    Keep up the vintage Nintendo spirit with this extremely cool The Legend Of Zelda T-Shirt originally from 1988. With the iconic Zelda Letters, Link in his power pose and the Nintendo logo this shirt just has it all. The adventure continues!

    Legend Of Zelda Promo Sign

    Turn your collection into a game museum instantly with this extremely precious and rare Legend Of Zelda store sign. With it’s vintage Link on it it obviously comes from the era of the NES and is a very limited, historical piece that will level up your game room in a very unique way.

    Vintage Nintendo Sweatshirt

    This vintage Nintendo sweatshirt will bring back the golden era of games in full 80’s style to your gamer wardrobe. It comes with a Zelda logo on the right sleeve, a “Punch Out!!” lettering on the left. More so it has the Nintendo logo on it’s front and the perfect mantra underneath it. Be this […]


    Vintage Zelda Towel

    Even a gamer geek needs to lay on the pool and get some vitamin D from time to time. Now you can bring a retro styled Link with you while you soak up some sun and dip your toes in the water with this vintage Zelda towel. It’s the ultimate towel for the pale skinned […]


    Zelda ALTTP Graphic Novel

    We all read the comics in the famous Nintendo Power magazine in the early 90’s and loved it. But now you can get a limited copy of all those Zelda comics from the time around the “A Link To The Past” era in one book. The Zelda ALTTP graphic novel is legendary Shotaro Ishinomori’s legacy.


    Nintendo All Stars Stickers

    There’s no way you will find anything more retro Nintendo related to stick onto your fridge or laptop. These 1988 Nintendo All Stars stickers are complete and in new condition and feature the most popular Nintendo characters of that time.

    Nintendo Power Spiral Notebook

    This 1989 Nintendo Power spiral notebook is in a great condition for it’s age and looks just adorable. With Nintendo’s two biggest heroes on the cover this will make for an ideal place to write down your favourite Nintendo related childhood memories or just give you some real nostalgic feels.

    Vintage Nintendo Toy Chest

    1 up your game room with this vintage Nintendo toy chest! It has some adorable Super Mario & Zelda artwork on it. The metal corners and snap lock make this chest a stable and durable place to put your extra controllers, magazines and other stuff your mom should never see.

    Zelda Ocarina Of Time Scooter

    If Link wouldn’t have his Epona to explore the far lands of Hyrule he would definitely use this cool Ocarina of Time scooter while flipping off those skeletons. Now you’ll be able to ride the lands with style as you commute to the office and back home.

    Legend Of Zelda Corduroy Hat

    This beautiful Legend Of Zelda Corduroy Hat from 1989 is a definitive statement about your love and devotion for the hylian princess and her hero. While the vintage motive and the Zelda theme overall will take care of the retro-vibes, the curduroy look will make for some variety wherever you go.

    Zelda 2 Cartridge Pin

    There is no better way to display your love for retro things with an old-school enamel pin. So throw some retro Nintendo flair on your outfit with this beautiful Zelda 2 cartridge pin. The shiny golden look works perfect on jeans and will catch the eyes of the people around you.

    Zelda OOT Standee Display

    This Zelda OOT Standee Display is one of the nicest store displays we’ve come across yet. It’s about 5 feet tall and has some really detailed artwork on it. Link’s sword is detachable by velcro, and it got little shelves on the side where you can store your Nintendo DS games.

    Legend Of Zelda Triforce Lamp

    Show off your passion for the Zelda franchise with this handmade Legend Of Zelda Triforce Lamp. It glows in 16 different colors and gives off a very warm and glowy light that will bring some real hylian atmosphere into your home. The box measures 4 x 4 x 4 and opens from the top.

    Vintage Zelda Snapback Hat

    Ultra rare and in extremely good condition comes this signal red, vintage Zelda snapback hat. It was officially licensed by Nintendo and released in 1988. It has the old school The Legend Of Zelda print art on it. A perfect way to express your love for the older generation of the stories of Link and Zelda.