Are you a video game collector, a Nintendo zealot or maybe you simply adore retro merch from the 80s and 90s? If any of these are you, you’ve come to the right place!

At, we traverse the known eBay universe for the coolest and rarest officially licensed Nintendo merchandise, and then share it right here with you, Nintendo fan!

From plushies to action figures, from clothing to cabinets, you want kooky and quirky merch – we’ve got it right here.

About The Founders:

Who are the founders of NintendoRetroLove? Chris, Marlon and Heiko are three relatively grown-up guys that have their own unique video game history, just like you. But what really ties us together is growing up in the 80s and our adoration of all things Nintendo.

We three love Nintendo with a passion. There’s no other video game company that filled us full of fond memories the way the big N did, and there’s a growing community of retrogamers and geeks that feel the same way.

What makes NintendoRetroLove unique:

Yes, there may be plenty of websites out there that focus on reselling retro games and consoles, but, sadly, there wasn’t one that specialised in selling merchandise solely. Which was crazy, because there’s a whole galaxy of Nintendo merch and accessories to discover! That’s why we felt the need to craft a place on the web where you can learn all about the weird and wonderful oddities that were stamped with Nintendo’s seal of quality.