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    Super Mario Lamp

    Offered up here is a super vintage Super Mario Lamp from Nintendo from 1992! It is in fantastic, well-kept condition and there are no damages or defects. An extraordinary rarity and extremely rare in this collector’s condition! Fans and collectors should not miss this offer!

    Super Mario Pepsi Sweater

    Only real Nintendo nerds will know about the Pepsi super secret cards and this extremely rare Super Mario Pepsi Sweater. It was part of an exclusive mail order only promotion in 1991. The size is 18 inches pit to pit, 21 inches collar to bottom and 19 inch sleeve length.


    Nintendo Cereal Shirt

    This Nintendo Cereal Shirt with a hologram picture of Mario & Link is a real gem. You won’t find this anywhere else and it’s even unclear when or where this was released. The estimated date is around 1989. A real unique collectors piece!

    Holographic Super Mario Phone Card

    Don’t just call the Nintendo support line. Use this extremely rare holographic Super Mario phone card from 1990! It shows Super Mario in his famous action move and comes in super vibrant and shiny colors.

    Nintendo Bike Cop

    Never get your bike stolen again with the Nintendo Bike Cop. Yep that’s right, Nintendo built a alarm system for your bike. The moment someone moves it, a screaming alarm goes off that only your security code can shut off.

    Super Mario Panties

    Geek out with your panties out! Give your outfits a geeky touch that only you and your partner will be able to appreciate. With the distinctive Super Mario Bros. logo and color, and perfect fit it’s most probably the hottest mission our little plumber has ever been on.


    8 Bit Block Lamp

    Turn your gameroom into a part of the Super Mario world with this super cool 8 bit block lamp. Made of maple plywood and colored translucent acrylic. You can either hang it on the wall or just put in on a shelf and let the cozy light make your room that bit more comfortable.

    Super Mario Beach Towel

    Holiday time is coming and for all of you who are planning to fly somewhere warm and lie down at the beach this rare vintage Super Mario beach towel is a must have. It comes with a weird looking Mario who looks like the bad guy stealing the princess.

    Super Mario Invitation Cards

    Invite all your retro gamer friends in the most special way with these extremely rare & vintage Super Mario invitation cards! Perfect for your next Nintendo theme Party. An adorable 80’s styled Mario on the front is telling your friends whats going on. Cause it’s a party!

    Nintendo Play A Tune Book

    Play your favourite songs like the Donkey Kong Song, The Ballad Of Zelda, the Super Mario March and many more with the Nintendo My Play A Tune Book. This officially licensed songbook and an electronic keyboard in one. An amazing piece for every retro Nintendo collection.

    8 Bit Mario Xmas Hoodie

    Spread some christmassy winter vibes in retro Nintendo fashion with this cute Super Mario Xmas Hoodie. With 8 bit Super Mario leaping across the front and some ugly christmas sweater style prints it will put a smile on everyone’s face. The perfect hoodie for the winter.

    Super Mario Maker 4″

    Get Mario in his Mario Maker gear! This Super Mario Maker 4″ figure looks like a must-buy for real collectors. It comes with a hammer to fit into Mario’s hand and into a loop in the belt. The belt is also a separate part and simply rests over Mario’s stomach while the heltmet is sculpted […]

    Super Mario Bed Cushion

    Sit back and enjoy your evening playing your favourite retro games with the Super Mario bed cushion. It measures about 21″ tall, 19″ across and 12″ deep and comes with arms on the side which makes it a perfect Nintendo collectors backrest. And be sure that Mario’s got your back in this one!

    Super Mario Domino Game

    No controllers are necessary as you join forces with your favorite Nintendo characters on a quest to defeat your opponents in a game of good old domino. This vintage collectors game from 1991 features the classic board game in a retro Nintendo theme!

    Mario Bros. Bubblegum Dispensers

    Beam yourself right back into your childhood with these extremely rare Mario Bros. bubblegum dispensers. These 24 boxes come in the shape of Mario (12) and Link (12). Be sure to not find these so soon again cause they are really hard to find and oficially licensed by Nintendo.

    Mario Bros Cup Dispenser

    Your next retro game party can come with this sealed Super Mario Bros cup dispenser and extra cups. The dispenser shows a super cute motive of Super Mario and looks just cool on every kitchen counter. The next party is on like Donkey Kong!