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Nintendo Retro Love is dedicated to people who live and breathe Nintendo Retro things.

A little bit about me

I was playing my good old NES console when gaming was still overlooked by most of the population, and the NES Classic Edition were things from a distant future. I played NES titles like Zelda, which was referred to as The Legend Of Zelda, Duck Hunt, Metroid, Castlevania, Donkey Kong, F-ZERO, and of course, the Super Mario Bros. games. Those NES games ignited my love for classic games which remained until this day. And even if i also play the Switch and other modern consoles, the Nintendo Entertainment System and its square, gray Controller is where i feel at home. I just love classic console gaming and i love Nintendo.

My Mission

Retro gaming will never die, and the timeless design as well as the look and feel of old NES or SNES games will never lose its charm. But old Nintendo Retro collectibles will eventually be lost over time. Nintendo Retro Love was created in order to have a place to go to find and share those old gems of gaming history. Nintendo retro collectibles need to be preserved and passed down the generations. My mission is to help achieve exactly that.

But also modern, retro inspired Nintendo merchandise is displayed on Nintendo Retro Love. Because there is just so much awesome stuff out there. Thanks to Retro coming back and having a huge revival we can today enjoy not only the NES Classic and SNES classic, but also things like the Retro-Bit, NESpi, Nintendo ROMS's Mini consoles and much much more

What you will find here

No matter if you are looking for a rare Star Fox jacket, a vintage Mario Bros. pencil case, a video game promotional VHS or a comfy Nintendo pillow in the form of a NES controller: this is exactly where you'll find it.

What you won't find here

Since there are trillions of other websites out there that sell retro games, the NES classic or Switch games, we decided not to go for games at all. All we care about are things that will level up your Nintendo retro collection and / or game room. Our name pretty much implies everything about this page. This page is all about Nintendo. So we do not share any Playstation, Sega Genesis or Atari things on here.

Also, whatever we share here is Retro. We love the good old Family Computer, the Wii was a great console, and Pokémon is really fun, but our passion is retro all the way. That's why we stick to what we love most.

What i write about

My Blog is roughly segmented into four pillar categories. "News", "Trivia", "Did You Know" and "Rare Consoles". The last category is not about any official console, but rather that kind of console that wasn't available for purchase. Like the M82, or the Super Famicom Box. Whenever i talk about a super rare console like that, i will try to find an Ebay listing where you can go and buy it, or at least check out the market value. That one of the ways i am trying to contribute to the Nintendo collectors community and help my fellow Nintendo collectors out.

Feel free to contribute

As mentioned above, Nintendo Retro Love is about giving back to the Nintendo community. If you have something to sell, and you need a platform to spread the word about it, feel free to contact me. No matter if you have an old Donkey Kong Jr. plush doll, a Punch-Out trophy figure, a Mega Man 2 action figure, a Mario Bros. beach towel or whatever quirky piece of Nintendo collectible it may be - i can find someone who will buy it from you!

About Chris

Chris, the Founder of Nintendo Retro Love

Chris was born in 1984, in the midst of the great video game recession. His brother was a die hard Atari gamer, and Chris learned that all you need to be happy are 8-bit graphics, two buttons and a D-pad. In 1991 he got a Game Boy, and in 1996 a Nintendo 64 for christmas. Both events that would turn him into a Nintendo fanatic for the rest of his life. Today he writes about Nintendo retro stuff, and shares the coolest Nintendo collectibles and merchandise that he can find on the web with his followers.

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Turn your refrigerator into a giant Game Boy with these awesome Game Boy Fridge Magnets! The FreezerBoy is not just a set of magnet, but you can also make notes on the surface of the screen! Now you can enjoy Nintendo retro fun even in your kitchen. A great gift for every Nintendo geek.


The Nintendo Tech Support Travel Bag will immediately emit competence in retro gaming and nerdy stuff wherever you go. You can use it as a laptop bag, or as a travel bag, and draw all the attention from like minded Nintendo retro onto you. A really nerdy and convenient accessory.


If you are looking for a really unique and rare piece of furniture to store all your beloved Nintendo games and other collectibles, then look no further. The World Of Nintendo Store Display has been used in stores around the globe in the golden ages of retro gaming. A true gem!


Let this huge N64 Store Sign light up your game room and everybody’s eyes who steps in it. The N64 Store Sign measures about 29 inches in width and 13 inches in height. It shows the N64 logo on the one, and even a Game Boy Color logo on the other side. A real eye-catcher.


Geek out with your panties out! Give your outfits a geeky touch that only you and your partner will be able to appreciate. With the distinctive Super Mario Bros. logo and color, and perfect fit it’s most probably the hottest mission our little plumber has ever been on.


If you’re into the Game Boy Advance SP this fully refurbished GBA SP will make your heart beat faster. It comes with a new shell in shiny white, new buttons that reflect the colors of the Super Mario games, new screen lens & is in great condition. A wonderful piece of work by TheGodOfGaming.