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    N64 Store Sign

    Let this huge N64 Store Sign light up your game room and everybody’s eyes who steps in it. The N64 Store Sign measures about 29 inches in width and 13 inches in height. It shows the N64 logo on the one, and even a Game Boy Color logo on the other side. A real eye-catcher.

    Vintage N64 Clock

    If you thought something was missing in your lovingly furnished game room then we’ve found it for you. This neat vintage N64 clock was an exclusive employee promo and makes a fantastic addition to any N64 fan’s collection. It is 11 1/2 inches in diameter and wears the original N64 logo.

    Nintendo 64 Cartridge Soaps

    Make a retro gamer friend or loved one a very unique and extravagant gift this year with these Nintendo 64 Cartridge Soaps. They come looking exactly like real Donkey Kong, Goldeneye, Mario Kart or The Legend Of Zelda N64 games and will make every nostalgia fan hop for joy.


    Nintendo 64 Basketball

    There is little known about this promotional N64 Basketball, but it was very likely given to Nintendo staff & executives as an incentive for good work / high sales. Limited to 20 worldwide! An extremely rare and highly collectible item that would make a unique addition to one’s N64 collection.


    Huge N64 display cabinet

    Insanely awesome and huge N64 display cabinet. The inside of the display can hold two long light bulbs, one on each side, and the metal shelves are adjustable. The top sign can light up and there's a hidden power strip. The side of the display says "KB Toys" and "Nintendo 64".

    Super Mario 64 Pocket Film Camera

    If you’re a real retrogeek, you still don’t abandon the good old film camera. Nintendo has a long history with analog cameras, and the Super Mario 64 Pocket Film Camera is definitely one of the last they ever made. Get one now for your next trip to japan!


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