April 29, 2019 Neon Advance Black

NEON ADVANCE: Get An Amazing Piece Of Handheld History

And with a piece i literally mean one piece of it. Because the Neon Advance is basically just one half of a Nintendo DS, but with a stunning addition.

It’s a situation that one or the other owner of an original Nintendo DS or DS Lite knows: The upper half including the screen breaks off. The handheld is then only partially usable. The modder Joe Bleeps shows, however, that the device can have a purpose even after that.

Neon Advance: A DS Lite with just one display. The attached led light gives it a fresh look.

If the upper display half of the DS actually breaks off, the device isn’t completely unusable. The lower half is still operational and can be easily used as a GBA replacement thanks to the “Game Boy Advance” slot. A small LED on it and you can call a Neon Advance your own.

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The special feature is that Joe continues to use the normal DS firmware. Adjustments to the software are therefore not necessary to play Advance games easily. Meanwhile, the sound is provided by a mono speaker on the back, which Joe has attached to the stylus slot.

Since the original speakers sit in the upper screen, Joe has put a mono speaker in the stylus slot. Genius!

However, the Neon Advance only works with older DS devices. From the DSi generation, customization is no longer possible because they no longer have a “Game Boy Advance” slot.

But as a true handheld gaming fan this wouldn’t stop anyone from wanting this true piece of art. And since Joe can’t keep up with all the orders, he won’t be making this on a daily basis. So make sure to check out Ebay once in a while. Maybe you’ll be lucky and find one of those beauties there.

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