July 26, 2019 Nintendo Pixel Art

Nintendo Pixel Art – The best pixel art for Nintendo fans

Pixel Art is getting more and more popular amongst gamers and retro Nintendo collectors. From creations made from beads, enamel pins, posters, animated content and much more there’s a plethora of wonderful and unique stuff to see. Here at NintendoRetroLove you’ll naturally find a list with the best Nintendo pixel art creations out there.

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With a whole range of great ways to create 8 bit and 16 bit pixel art, the possibilities to bring old games and video game characters from the NES, Gameboy and SNES era back to life are endless. So here’s my list of the best Nintendo pixel art that i’ve come across so far. Have fun!

Nintendo Pixel Art in Dioramas / Shadow boxes

I am seeing many neat things that are handcrafted by real Nintendo fans, but one type of beautiful accessoires that stands out for me are dioramas, or shadow boxes with cute scenes out of iconic Nintendo retro games.

Shadow boxes are typically enclosed display cases with a glass front, containing a set of graphical objects grouped in a way that it creates visual depth. That way it feels like looking right into the game world, which makes for a great decorative piece of nerdy art.

Mario Kart Diorama

Nintendo Pixel Art: Mario Kart Diorama

Check out the Mario Kart Diorama on Etsy.

Ryu Portrait Shadow Box

Street Fighter Diorama

Check out the Ryu Portrait Shadow Box on Etsy.

Super Mario World Shadow Box

Super Mario World Diorama

Check out the Super Mario World Shadow Box on Etsy.

Nintendo Pixel Art from Beads

Perler beads are the perfect material to make pixel art from. Because they are just like pixels. They come in all sorts of colors and easy to arrange on a two dimensional surface called a pegboard.

Pixel art from beads really brings together the familiarity of a childhood craft with the aesthetic of retro video gaming, and has definitely become a go-to medium for recreating original 8 and 16 bit video game sprites of all the great heroes and items of our most favourite games.

And there are countless perler artists out there creating beautiful pixel art. Here are some of the best Nintendo related i have found so far:

Potted Piranha Plants from Beads

Nintendo Pixel Art: Piranha Plants from beads

Check out the Potted Piranha Plants from beads on Etsy

Pokemon Perler Beads Keychains

Pokemon Keychain

Check out Pokemon Keychains from Beads on Etsy

Zelda Characters from Beads

Zelda Characters from Beads

Check out the Zelda characters from beads on Etsy.

Mario & Yoshi 3D Diorama from beads

Mario And Yoshi from Beads

Check out the Mario & Yoshi 3D Diorama from beads on Etsy.

If you want to know how to turn your favourite Nintendo character into pixel art with beads, follow this link for a tutorial.

Pixel Art Prints

When it comes to drawing or animating pixel art, there are numerous ways to go about it. I’ll include hand drawn pixel art on pen & paper as well as hand drawn on a tablet with a stylus. Either one of these styles yield awesome results and make for great pieces of art.

Nintendo Pixel Controllers

Nintendo Pixel Art: Nintendo  Controllers on Print

Check out Nintendo Pixel Controllers Print on Etsy

‘It’s dangerous to go alone’ poster

It's dangerous to go alone Poster Print

Check out the It’s dangerous to go alone poster on popinabox.

Pixel Art Games

Games with 8 or 16 bit pixel look are all the rage again, and not even always meant to be nostalgic at all. It seems like many game designers and developers have found their niche in pixel art and use it as a visual style to make games that are as complex as 3D games.

Here are some of the most popular Nintendo Switch games that use this form of pixel art in a modern context.

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

Nintendo Pixel Art: Shovel Knight Treasure Trove Switch Game

Check out Shovel Knight at Amazon.


Iconoclasts Switch Game

Check out Iconoclasts at Amazon.


Chasm Switch Game

Check out Chasm at Nintendo.com.

Kingdom: New Lands

Kingdom: New Lands Switch Game

Check out Kingdom: New Lands at Amazon.

Wooden Pixel Art

Something you wouldn’t find at IKEA are wooden Nintendo pixel art pieces. But there’s still real craftsmanship needed for these decorative and geeky decals and they come in many different forms and sizes. Here are some of my favourite Nintendo related wooden pixel art pieces that you can decorate your gameroom with.

Super Mario Pixel Art Coat Rack

Nintendo Pixel Art: Super Mario coat rack made from wood

Check out the Super Mario pixel art coat rack at Etsy.

Wooden Link Wall Decor

Link as Wooden Wall Decor

Check out the Wooden Link Wall Decor at Etsy.

Tanooki Mario Wall Decal

Tanooki Mario as Wooden Decal

Check out the Tanooki Mario Wall Decal at Etsy.

Pixel Art Enamel Pins

Enamel pins are as popular as ever, and with their size and colorfulness they are perfect for creating some beautiful pixel art with it. I am in love with these little things, and what better way to personalize your jackets and bags with a pixel art enamel pin. Here are some of my favourites!

Legend Of Zelda Pins

Nintendo Pixel Art: Legend Of Zelda Pins

Check out the Legend Of Zelda Pins at Etsy.

Nintendo Gameboy Pin

GameBoy as Enamel Pin

Check out the Nintendo Gameboy Pin at Etsy.

NES Cartridge Enamel Pin

NES Cartridge as Enamel Pin

Check out the NES Cartridge Enamel Pin at Etsy.

Pixel Toyart

Another really unique way of pixel art is Pixel Toyart, which i stumbled upon while i was researching for this article. There aren’t so many of those items, but i was fascinated by the look of those little figures.

Mario Kart Toyart

Nintendo Pixel Art: Mario Kart Toyart Figure

Check out the Mario Kart Toyart on Etsy.

This article will be an ongoing and ever changing list of the best Nintendo pixel art that i have found on many different platforms like Instagram, Etsy, Pinterest or anywhere else. If you are an artist who creates pixel art, feel free to get in contact with me to be featured in this list.

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