May 16, 2019 Legend Of Zelda Merchandise

Legend Of Zelda Merchandise – Our best finds on sale for your collection

There is tons of Legend Of Zelda Merchandise for our beloved Hylian heroes. And if you’re a collector you might not only want to have any old Zelda merchandise. You might be looking for something special. Something really unique and rare.

You’ve come to the right place

Here at NintendoRetroLove we are looking for retro and retro inspired merchandise and memorabilia items for sale all around the web. Our eyes are everywhere, and if a Legend Of Zelda Merchandise item gets listed that we think is worth being shared, we’re on the scene ready to share it with our community.

As you may have guessed

Many of our finds are collectors items and obviously either hard to get or even super rare. So we cannot guarantee that they’ll always still be available for purchase. But we are working hard to keep our posts up date and always show you items that aren’t sold yet. So if anything here is of interest for you, you oughta be fast and get it quick!

Legend Of Zelda Golden Story Book ‘n Tape “Molblin’s Magic Spear”

Released 1990 and written by Jack C. Harris, Molblin’s Magic Spear is a children’s book that is based on Nintendo’s The Legend Of Zelda. Only a few copies of that book came with a listen-along cassette, which makes this a really special item for any die hard Legend Of Zelda Merchandise collector.

The story of the book takes place during Link’s quest to rescue Princess Zelda from Gannon in the events of the first The Legend Of Zelda Game. It presents a minor adventure, in which Link has an encounter with a Golblin who owns a magical spear, that when thrown, causes a new spear to appear in the Molblin’s hands.

Get Golden Story Book ‘n Tape “Molblin’s Magic Spear” here.

Legend Of Zelda Trucker Cap

There are dozens of different Zelda Caps out there, many of whom are trying to copy the indistinguishable retro look of this one. But true Legend Of Zelda fans and retro Nintendo collectors are looking for the real deal. This is an original 1989 Legend Of Zelda Trucker Cap, with the old Zelda logo and Link wielding a sword.

Get the Legend Of Zelda Baseball Cap here.

Legend Of Zelda T-Shirt

Coming in the original green of Link’s windbreaker this very plain and minimalistic Legend Of Zelda T-Shirt is screaming vintage like no other. It’s showing Link, as seen in the comics around the time of the release of the ‘The Adventure of Link’ game, kneeling, and holding his shield up.

The T-Shirt itself is a Fruit Of The Loom Shirt from 100% cotton. So you know it’s quality is great and made to last.

Get the Legend Of Zelda T-Shirt here

Legend Of Zelda VHS “The Ringer

Besides games and comics there was also a Legend Of Zelda Comic that received overall great reviews. Some even say it was the best cartoon of their childhood. Cartoons like this have been forgotten and often neglected, but here you can get a copy of the original Legend Of Zelda VHS season 1 episode 1 called “The Ringer.

The show included the same characters and storyline from the games. It was action packed and funny, portraying Link and Zelda fighting against Ganon. An absolute gem for any Legend Of Zelda Merchandise collector.

Get the Legend Of Zelda VHS “The Ringer” here

Legend Of Zelda Triforce Lamp

Our only item in this list, that isn’t officially licensed by Nintendo. But we just loved the beauty of this handmade Legend Of Zelda Triforce Lamp. The frame is built from dark stained wood, and the Triforce is from acrylic yellow plastic that casts a great light around the room.

The sides of the lamp a crested with a stylized 8-bit pixelated pattern that add to the atmosphere. Measuring 11 inches on each side, the lamp is bigger than it looks on the photos. You can either put it on your night stand, or hang it somewhere nice.

Get the Legend Of Zelda Triforce Lamp here

Zelda Watch

This Legend Of Zelda Watch with the Triforce on it’s clock face was an exclusive gift to Nintendo employees around 1996, when the Nintendo 64 was released. It comes with a leather strap that wears the Nintendo logo.

There have been multiple watches given away by Nintendo to their employees, but this is by far one of the most rare and unique ones.

Get the Legend Of Zelda Watch here

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