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    Vintage Dr. Mario Glass

    This highly vintage Dr. Mario Glass is a rare promotional item from Japan. It must have been released around the early 90’s when the first Dr. Mario puzzle game came out. What really makes this piece so desirable is the unusual size of the glass as well as the adorable print art on it.

    Super Mario 3D iPhone Cover

    This Super Mario 3D iPhone Cover made of silicone will not only fit snug around your iPhone and keep it safe from dust, shock, scratches and bumps, but the 3D texture of Marios face will also give you a tight grip around your phone. On top of that, Mario will smile at you all day long!

    Super Mario Stage Figure Lvl 3-1

    This little japanese Super Mario Stage Figure is a 10cm by 10cm scene out of level 3-1. Through the wonders of magnetic force Mario can moved around freely which is a very cute and playful little feature. This would make a very thoughtful gift for a retro video game aficionado.


    Vintage Super Mario Trophy Figure

    Have you ever wished for a vintage collectible that features one of your retro videogame heroes in a badass pose to put it on your shelf? Well, look no further! We found this 1988 Vintage Super Mario Trophy Figure that shows Mario kicking the ever living **** out of one of the Hammer Bros.


    Super Mario Bros. Backpack

    Regardless of whether you’re total Mario fanatic, a retro game geek, or a Super Mario Bros. professional who is looking for new, worthy opponents: This reversible Super Mario Bros. Backpack will make people aware of your passion and grant you looks of envy and joy.

    Vintage Mario Mania Pin

    Real oldschool and rare Vintage Mario Mania Pin from the time around 1990 when Super Mario World came out on Super Nintendo. Typical 90’s design & flair. Perfect for showing your love for the vintage video games, Super Mario and Nintendo in general. Let the madness continue!


    Super Mario Candy Jar

    Some things never go out of style. Just like this 6 1/2 inches high & overly adorable Super Mario candy jar. And since Christmas is approaching fast you should totally have a place to safely put your candy. Or just fill it up with turnips and pretend you’re Super Mario.

    Super Mario Bow Biters

    Back in the days you might have gotten beat up wearing these, but today adding the Super Mario Bow Biters to your style might change the game in your clique / the office / at the next dance-off in front of the club. So let Mario & Luigi chomp down on your laces!


    Vintage Super Mario Mask

    Who would have thought that a vintage Super Mario mask could come in handy for Halloween. But this one will certainly creep out your friends and family AND express your love for retro Nintendo stuff at one blow. Officially licensed by Nintendo and straight out of 1988.


    Vintage Super Mario Christmas Cards

    This is a must have for a 80’s or video game collector. From 1989 and great condition, no rips, tears, etc.. Set of 7 with 7 envelopes.

    Vintage Super Mario Doll (34″)

    "You are bidding on a vintage Mario plush doll from 1988. Overall Mario looks to be in great shape with a snag on his right suspender and measuring around 34"."

    Super Mario Bros. Walk-In-Van Bank

    "Brand new in the box. This is #221 of only 540 made."

    Digital Game Boy Wrist Watch

    "25mm Wide Very nice cosmetic condition with normal vintage wear I put in a new battery and cannot get it to work Sold as-is"

    Super Mario Bros. Cup Dispenser

    The 1989 Nintendo Super Mario Bros Dixie Pop-Up Cup Dispenser holds 5 oz dixie cups. Measures 3.5"x3.5"x7".

    Topps Super Mario Tattoos + Gum

    These extremely vintage Super Mario Tattoo sheets by Topps are highly collectible and getting rarer by the day. Don't miss out on the opportunity to add them to your collection!

    Super Mario Bros. Beach Towel

    "Awesome Vintage Condition! There are no issues. It has been used, but the colors are still very vibrant and would look great on a game room wall! No snags, holes, stains, or odors"

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