December 6, 2017 Our collection of the best Nintendo customer support stories o reddit/r/nintendo

We Collected’s Best Nintendo Customer Support Stories – And Here They Are

Every halfway decent company out there knows how important customer care is. But a few companies are really walking the extra mile. And Nintendo is definitely one of them. In fact Nintendo’s customer support is so dedicated that, over the years, a large collection of great customer support stories have accumulated all over the Internet. Many of them on Reddit’s /r/Nintendo subreddit. We have taken some time out of our busy days, (searching for the best retro Nintendo items) to put together a collection of the best stories we could find.


So, let’s start with something really exceptional. And please let us know in the comments if you have ever heard of a customer support team that has done anything as cool as this. We’re talking about that one time…

…when someone’s Switch got run over by a car and Nintendo did the unthinkable:

Jaaakee said:

“I left my Switch on my car due to rushing and it was in a carrying case. Completely forgotten about, my Switch fell off my car while driving (didn’t even hear it). My Switch’s body (especially the back) got completely demolished. The Joy-Cons shattered entirely and I lost the Splatoon 2 Cartridge in the Switch at the moment. The other cartridges in my case survived. Even though my Switch got ran over a hundred times, a tempered glass screen protector allowed the screen to not get damaged at all. The screen protector though, was cracked to hell, but never fell apart.

I called Nintendo asking if there was anything that could be done, and there was. Nintendo voided all expenses (shipping & the $99 repair) and sent me a brand new Switch with joy-cons. I didn’t have to pay anything. I told the representative on the phone how thankful I am & how they earned another customer for life. Nintendo’s Customer Support is light years ahead of other companies’ customer support. They did something I didn’t ask for, which is the best help you can receive. I applaud Nintendo for their great support.”   

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So the user ‘Jaaakee’ even provides images to prove his claims (because this is reddit, and people there won’t let you fool them), so we are absolutely positive that this story is true. But we have more!



Wait until you hear about that one time…


…when a guy bought a Wii U and got scammed and Nintendo saved the day:

SloppyinSeattle said:

“I bought a Wii U off Craigslist which had an account with a number of digital games installed. I didn’t know much about Nintendo accounts so I just continued using the account because the price I paid for the Wii U was partly based on the games that were on the system. Over time I bought a ton more games using that same Nintendo account name. Well the guy scammed me by logging in to the account from another Nintendo system, blocking me out from the account.

I called Nintendo telling them what happened and how the seller now blocked me from all the games that I bought. Nintendo went through the trouble of tracing every game that I paid for using my credit card, deleting those games from the seller’s account, and creating a new Nintendo account for me with all the games that I purchased. Never would I expect that level of customer support. It was amazing!”



You’ll find this story (and the next one as well) in the same post as the story above in the comment section.


The next story is my personal favourite, especially because at the end the user makes a great point about customer experience that holds so much truth. This is about that one time…


…when a guy’s Wii party was about to become a fiasco and Nintendo helped him out big time:

PiratedTVPro said:

“Back in 2006, when the Wii was first released and hard to find, I noticed the green specs on the screen that pointed towards the early soldering issues the Wii had. I casually mentioned that I was having people over that Saturday to introduce them to the Wii, and I was disappointed I’d have to cancel to send it out. 

The phone representative told me that they were going to overnight me a Wii so that it would get to me in time, and just told me to send it back once the Wii with all my data returned. Amazing customer support that I’ll never forget.
The best advertising a company can have is the good will tied to experiences like this. The employees and stances that Apple took in the early 00’s with the iPod paved the way for their current stock of iPhone and MacBook converts.”



And here’s something that should cheer the heart of every retro gamer. The following story is about…


…when a 10 year old kid learned about retro games and Nintendo enabled him to discover them:

coldcaption said:

“I grew up in the N64/Gamecube era, but had a bit of a thing for older games. Just finding out that there were whole generations of all sorts of games before the ones I was used to was really interesting to me.
Since this was also before classic gaming was a ‘thing’ like it is now, it was also relatively inexpensive. So I got an NES from Gamestop and Mario Bros/Duck Hunt to start.

It had the common pin connector issue, which meant that I couldn’t play games for more than a little bit before the system would reset. I called Nintendo myself (this was age 10 or 11 or so) and they said a repair would cost as much as the NES cost.
Maybe I sounded discouraged, so the person on the phone said that since they were ending support fairly soon and were nearly out of pin connectors, they could just send one to me at no cost. So they did, I installed it myself, and the NES works great to this day. Even though this was years out of the NES’s retail lifespan, Nintendo enabled me to get tons of play out of their oldest American system, which for me was a wholly fresh experience since it was old news by the time I got started with it.”



And there are countless other stories, like…


RobotVegetables said:
“I remember being in 3rd grade and loved my DS Lite tremendously. I accidentally dropped it and it broke to the point I couldn’t play it.
My parents and I decided to send it to Nintendo so they could repair it. I wrote a letter to Nintendo to send with it, saying how much I loved Yoshi, my wii, and Nintendo in general. A few weeks passed and I got my DS Lite back, and it looked entirely new. They also sent me a letter as well saying Yoshi and Luigi said “hi” and Mario was off fighting Bowser somewhere!
I am now a freshman in college.”


joaguimar said:
“In August, 2015, my home got robbed. Among the things the thieves took were my Wii U and 3ds. It was a sad story because it was the first apartment I rented with my girlfriend and the rob was only a month after we moved in. I bought again the consoles and it was not until march or april of 2016 that it ocurred to me to call Nintendo explaining my situation, just to try to link my accounts and get my digital games again. The nintendo reps were great and thank me for buying twice the consoles, and the next day I downloaded my games again even though I could not prove that the Wii U was stolen. I know that I payed for those games and that it must not be difficult to keep linked games to an account, but at the moment I was really happy to recover at least some of my stolen games.”


WordStained said:
“(…) when I got my first 3ds xl for Christmas many moons ago, the memory card that came with it was corrupted. NoA shipped a new one and I had it within a week, and they included a Mario themed stylus pen (the system came bundled with Mario Kart 7) because it was Christmas and they were sorry for the inconvenience.”


B_Pac said:
“Not much but Back when i had it the first year of my 3DS-XL,my younger sister broke by knocking it down off the table and the whole (bottom)screen broke and of course i was a crying because it was the one with mario cart 7 pre-installed but my dad called nintendo support and it came back within 4 weeks free (I still have that baby for 4 years.)”


Skyeagle1 said:
“Ninty hooked me up with a free repair on my wii even though it was past warranty because it overheated on standby mode! I was pretty excited.”



So now you see what I mean when I say that Nintendo’s customer support is walking the extra mile to please its customers. I don’t claim they never fail, because I’m sure there are a few people who have had bad experiences with them. But I’ve never come across such a huge number of great, heartwarming stories from another company. So let’s give praise where praise is due.


But one more thing! By telling all these awesome stories we don’t want to encourage anyone to take advantage of Nintendo’s customer support. This would only ruin it for everybody in the long run. But all of these stories are definitely a testament to how great the big N’s customer support is.


Do you have a Nintendo customer support story to share? We would love to hear about it in the comments!


2 thoughts on “We Collected’s Best Nintendo Customer Support Stories – And Here They Are

  1. I had a great experience with Best Buy this past summer. I had purchased a membership with their GCU, preordering several Nintendo items as soon as it was active. Immediately following, we had to get our cat treated for a severe ear infection/polyps, which was an expense we were obviously not anticipating. Wanting to lock down whatever cash we could, I canceled my preorders, and, after some discussion with corporate CS representatives, Best Buy credited me for the GCU account, with which I had not actually purchased anything at the time AND they have allowed it to remain active on the account. I finally purchased SMO and the accompanying amiibo this fall, and I intend to make many more game purchases from Best Buy over the remaining year and a half. Their generosity was truly appreciated at a time when we needed to make sure we had enough money to cover the surgery and continue with our planned finances. I’ll be sure to renew in 2019 at pretty much any cost!

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