December 7, 2017 Ryan "Pika-Pool" Reynolds

Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds Cast As Detective Pikachu In Live-Action Pokemon Movie

Here’s something you may not have thought you’d hear today. Deadpool star and human quip machine Ryan Reynolds has reportedly been cast as Pikachu in the incoming Detective Pikachu movie. Yes. You read correctly.

Reynolds will be springing into action on voice and CGI motion-capture duties for everyone’s favourite electric mouse, or so says Hollywood Reporter who revealed the news earlier this week.



Joining Reynolds in this sure-fire cash generator is The Get Down and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’s Justice Smith, and Big Little Lies’ Kathryn Newton in currently unrevealed roles.

Justice Smith & Kathryn Newton
Detective Pikachu stars Justice Smith & Kathryn Newton

But what we do know is the plot focuses on (more than likely) Smith’s hunt for his kidnapped father, with Reynolds’s trusty gumshoe Pikachu hamming it up by his side

Wait… There’s A Live-Action Pikachu Movie In Production?!

3DS' Great Detective Pikachu
[Image Credit: The Pokémon Co.]
Oh yes. There sure is! Based on the 3DS-exclusive title, released only in Japan, in which a Pikachu in a Sherlock Holmes-esque deerstalker cap mills about solving mysteries, talk of a potential Pokémon movie has been sending Hollywood producers frothy at the wallet since Pokémon GO leapt out of the tall grass.

Last year, production giants Legendary Entertainment (The Dark Knight trilogy, Pacific Rim, Jurassic World, Godzilla) nabbed Pokémon‘s film rights in a super-secret auction, beating Sony, Warner Bros. and Netflix to the punch. It’s said Universal will handle all distribution rights outside of Japan.

The Detective Pikachu movie will join 20 feature length Poké-movies, two TV movies and ten short films in sending Poké-fans young and old wild when it eventually releases. Saying that, the movie will be entering production in London this coming January. So, if you happen to be near the big smoke at the turn of 2018, you might just get to see ol’ Pika-Pool Ryan Reynolds freezing his butt off in a grey Lycra catsuit with bobbles all over it.

Which is a sight in itself.

Now, I wonder if Deadpool will be making a cameo…

[Source: Hollywood Reporter]

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