November 15, 2017 A new Super Mario movie?!

Return Of The ‘Tash: Nintendo And The Studio Behind ‘Minions’ Are Making A Super Mario Bros. Movie

If the murmurings are true, it seems as if the brothers Mario are gearing up to butt smash their way back into cinemas for the second time in their illustrious 32 years of moustachioed mayhem. Or so says the Wall Street Journal, who recently ran the groundbreaking story.



The report suggests that Illumination Entertainment – the company that forced those entirely jarring Minions from Despicable Me upon the world – and Universal Pictures are on their way to forging an historic deal to drag the Super Mario Bros. back to Hollywood, kicking and screaming, for another shot at the silver screen. The first since 1993’s, uh, divisive attempt, with Bob Hoskins portraying the titular hero.


Man I hate these guys [Credit: Illumination Entertainment]







Naturally this isn’t the first time Hollywood has licked its caviar-stained lips over the prospect of a new Mario movie, with the last rumour coming from way back in 2014. Talk suggested that Sony Pictures – Nintendo’s sworn enemy – had snapped up the rights to a Mario animated movie, with Dexter’s Laboratory and Samurai Jack head-honcho Genndy Tartakovsky taking the reins.

Naturally, and possibly thankfully, that didn’t come to pass. But I guess we did get The Emoji Movie instead, so there aren’t that many blessings to count.

Shit off
I couldn’t have put it better myself [Credit: Sony Pictures]
But, reader, remember to take all of this with a liberal pinch of your finest sea salt, because the last time WSJ reported on a Nintendo-based multimedia expedition, it was Netflix’s supposed Legend of Zelda series! And that went well, didn’t it? But seeing as Nintendo and Universal have collaborated on Nintendo-themed theme parks, I wouldn’t be surprised if it did come to pass.

Keep your eyes peeled, people.

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