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Princess Peach: The Story Of Nintendo’s #1 Power Women

Nintendo that started out as a small Japanese company in 1889 is ruling the video gaming industry to date. As soon as one mentions the name of animated characters like “Mario”, You will surely travel down the nostalgic lane of childhood. 

One of the remarkable characters of the Mario franchise is “Princess Peach”. It was originally created by Shigeru Miyamoto. It was later redrawn by Yōichi Kotabe who gave her the “cat-like” enchanting eyes and other striking features.

The Pretty Princess in the mushroom kingdom Peach, in her pink dress, was introduced as a character that is the love interest of Mario and is saved often from Bowser (the antagonist). This female character made her debut in 1985 in Japan. But, towards the progression in Mario series, it turns out, after all, she is not just a damsel in distress. In fact, she saves the day by rescuing Mario and Luigi from the cruel Bowser who has kidnapped them.

“Super Princess Peach”, Nintendo’s very own woman super-power was the brainchild of Tose. This female character, “Princess Peach” made her debut in 1985 in Japan. Considering that, the present age of Princess Peach is 34 years (as in 2019). The game was first released in Japan on 24th Oct 2005. Later, in North America on 27th Feb 2006 and Europe on 26th May 2006. Nintendo published this video gaming platform for its Nintendo DS handheld gaming console. She was the protagonist in this game which is a unique credit to this character.  

Princess Peach’s Outfit:

The character

Princess Peach's favourite color is undeniably pink as one can see from her dresses.

The character building usually takes place in the video gaming industry by their dress, hair, accessories, and face. Peach is no different.

Princess Peach has the features of a very attractive lady like a rosy complexion, stark blue eyes, and a tall frame with an hour-glass figure. To add to her beauty, she has long blond hair that is on a few occasions pulled back with an athletic outfit in Mario Kart: Double Dash, Super Mario Sunshine, and Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, but left open otherwise.

Princess Peach’s dress is in different shades of pink with a ruffled hemline. There is a pannier style over-skirt. The sleeves short and puffed. Her accessories include red high heels, sapphire brooch and earrings, a gold crown that is adorned with rubies and sapphires, and white evening gloves that are of standard opera length.

She carries a talking Parasol “Perry” that is yellow coloured and also has a backstory that narrates him being a boy who turned an umbrella due to a magic spell. She can be seen donning a gold bracelet and sapphire ring.

How old is Princess Peach?

Well, you should never ask a lady for her age. But fortunately we know the right answer!

Of course, Princess Peach is as old as a classic Nintendo console! She’s been around since the original Super Mario Bros. game released in 1985, so that makes her a ripe old age of over 35 years.

We know this because she’s been featured in many Mario games since then, and her age has been referenced in some of them. Plus, she’s always looked pretty youthful and vibrant, so it’s no wonder Mario keeps rescuing her from Bowser’s clutches. I mean, who wouldn’t want to save such a timeless princess?

What makes Princess Peach So Special?

One of the many reasons that are extremely captivating about Nintendo’s Mario game and associate characters is the use of outstanding and beautifully drawn sprites and the attention to details with incredibly rich colour schemes that add to the charm of the game.

The way Princess Peach’s character has been thoughtfully woven is incredible. She is bestowed with powers. Emotions that can be controlled and help her to knock off every evil that comes her way is the super-power. 

  1. Joy: When Peach becomes happy, she twirls and attains the ability to float, she can even go higher and create a cyclone/tornado.
Joy is one of Princes Peach's superpowers.
  1. Rage: There is nothing more to be feared than an angry woman. So is the case with Peach. Peach becomes angry dramatically and is surrounded by flames in rage. This can burn down wooden bridges and melt ice in the game. 
But Princess Peach can also be very enraged, which raises her ability to defend herself.
  1. Gloom: Only if tears could help as they do for Peach. The princess is endowed with gifts when she is sad. When she starts crying, tall creepers and plants spruce up. Moreover, it can also be used to put out fires.
Another of her abilities: Gloom!
  1. Calm: This video game does teach a thing or two about real life. When your HP(Healing Power) is low in the game, Peach will be calm and heal herself. Gradually her HP shall be restored as the vibe gauge drains.
And lastly, Calm.

Peach’s parasol, Perry gains abilities as the game progresses. 

Subrella: To travel underwater

Slidebrella: Turns upside down and can be used as a hook through mazes of high-flying wires.

Bowlbrella: To travel on water surfaces.

Floatbrella: To stay afloat for a few seconds.

Chargebrella: Used to stun the closest enemy.

Poundbrella: Shakes the ground and stuns enemies that are closeby.

Besides these powers, she has some innate ways to tackle opponents when the need arises. She can levitate, has great parasol efficiency, combatting proficiency, survival skills, and healing skills. Sometimes she has been noticed to put her beauty and charm along with magical powers to the right use.

That being said, Peach has been observed demonstrating her hobbies through letters and episodes that include the following:

  • Baking
  • Golfing
  • Gardening
  • Ballroom dancing
  • Hosting tea parties
  • Going on picnics

The Backstory:

Bowsers tasting a bit of Princess Peaches rage.

The Mario brothers have been in the mushroom kingdom for long. There is a fabled land known as the “Vibe Island” that holds the hidden treasure of “Vibe Scepter”. This weapon has the power to control the emotions of everyone around them. Hence the name “Vibe”.

This news reaches Bowser. “Bowser” is the antagonist in the prime story of our beloved “Princess Peach”. Bowser is the king of the Koopa clan – which is a turtle-like race. King Koopa is also the archenemy of Mario. 

Bowser makes sure to build a get-away home on this mystic island and has an eye on the powerful vibe scepter. As luck may have it, his second-in-command, Army Hammer Bro finds the scepter and hands it over to Goomba. 

Goomba is a sentient mushroom creature which is the first enemy that Mario typically encounters on his adventures. Generally, the Goomba is pretty easy to defeat for Mario. He puts the sword in the castle.

Since Bowser now has his hands on the powerful weapon, he seeks the help of residents of the castle and captures the Mario brothers. There is also a further story that tells how Goomba went rogue.

In the background, Princess Peach, who went for a short walk with Toadsworth returns to the castle. Toadsworth is an elderly toad who is the longtime steward of the princess. The princess is enraged to find the residents in emotional disarray and with Mario and Luigi both gone; she takes it upon herself to beat the bad guy and rescue them. 


The Princess is a Tennis Pro.

Princess Peach appeared in the following games:

  1. Super Mario Series (19)
  2. Mario Golf Series (6)
  3. Mario Kart Series
  4. Game & Watch Gallery series (4)
  5. Mario Tennis Series (6)
  6. Paper Mario Series (5)
  7. Mario and Luigi Series (5)
  8. Mario and Sonic Series (6)

Besides these, there are many other individual games where Princess Peach has made on and off appearances.

Princess Peach is one sweet, classy, compassionate, and adventurous character that has made a place in our hearts for decades now, and many more to come. 

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