November 11, 2019 Mario 64 Easter Egg found 23 years later

Mario 64 Easter Egg found 23 years later

Easter eggs are not uncommon to video games, but finding a decade after the case is rare – but that’s what Twitter user Hitei noticed in Super Mario 64.

In Peach’s castle there’s a picture that we’re all going to run by many, many times over the years, and Hitei feels this picture has hidden a reference to Zelda’s Legend: Ocarina of Time.

Mario 64 Easter Egg - here you will find it.
Mario 64 Easter Egg: Coincidence?

Yes okay, this may seem like a bit of a stretch, especially when you consider that Super Mario 64 was a launch title for the N64 and Zelda did not come out until a while ago, but we know that both were in production at the same time as Zelda was shown off (in a somewhat different form) before the console hit the market.

Therefore, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that the developers might have snuck in a reference to the song, as the game’s music component might have been locked up early in development.

Of course, there’s also a possibility it could just be a massive coincidence, especially if you look at the small gap between the two sets of stars and the pattern itself’s relatively basic existence.

Tell us your thoughts about this Mario 64 easter egg in the comments. Real, or just a plain coincidence?

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