May 29, 2019 Ocarina Of Time Rom

Ocarina Of Time Rom: Download Zelda OOT For Emulator

An Ocarina Of Time Rom might be one of the things that you have been looking for since you left your old Nintendo 64 at your parents house and never got to pick it up again. Thanks to the internet, and some very smart nerds, you don’t even need to anymore, because nowadays we have ROMS!

So here you go, straight from a trusted source, the Ocarina Of Time Rom:

Ocarina Of Time Rom: Download
Ocarina Of Time Rom Version 1.2

Ok, we have roms for a very long time, and this is absolutely nothing new. But we haven’t featured Nintendo Roms on our page until today and i thought this has to change. 

The Ocarina Of Time Rom is a 24.5 MB big file, which really makes me appreciate how small those Nintendo 64 games were back in the days. I mean, seriously – that game had us sitting for hours and hours playing and running (or riding) through the wondrous lands of Hyrule, having the time of our lives. And that’s all on a cartridge barely taking up 25 Megabytes? That’s insane.

In comparison, Zelda Breath Of The Wild requires 13.4 Gigabytes of storage space on the Switch. That is nearly 5500 times bigger than OOT.

About the game

Zelda OOT Ingame

Ocarina of Time has revolutionized the game principle of the series to date: The game world Hyrule has grown bigger; the dungeons became more difficult and complex because they now had to be solved in three-dimensional space. The tried-and-tested bird’s eye view was abandoned and the player follows his character from the third person, where he has the opportunity to switch to the ego perspective, similar to Super Mario 64.

Groundbreaking, above all, was the new gameplay: The so-called Z-targeting system gave the player a complete new 3D combat experience in which players could target their opponents. Link kept the opponent for targeted attacks and evasion in mind – a game principle, which had previously not existed and has since been taken up by numerous genre representatives.

Zelda OOT Ingame with Link on Epona

First and foremost there is the commuting between two worlds: Link must use both time levels to survive his adventure. Key to this is a multifunctional Ocarina, using its magical melodies, Link can trigger various events; a fairy called Navi, with which the link between various objects and characters can interact, and finally the hero Epona, on whose back the player explores the land of Hyrule.

With bow and arrow, the main character can aim at items and enemies, to which there are now several arrow variants; Furthermore, the player has again several spells, which can be earned as objects.

The Story of the game 

Zelda OOT Ingame with grown up Link

This time Link is a small child who lives in the Kokiri forests. The Kokiris are a small forest tribe, consisting of children in Link’s age. Together with their fairies they live in complete peace. Her patron saint is the Deku tree, which the children appreciate and love. But Link is a very special boy: he does not have a fairy like the others who accompany every child.

One day, Link is struck by a dark dream: a dark man, a faraway land, and a beautiful princess calling his name. Then a fairy wakes him, telling him that she was sent by the Deku tree to fetch him … At this time, the gods have placed the fate of the land Hyrule in the hands of this boy. An adventurous journey begins that Link and many fans will never forget.

Eight temples and numerous sidequests await Link to save Princess Zelda and stop the evil in the form of a man named Ganondorf.

Epic Poster of the Zelda OOT Characters

From a chronological point of view, Ocarina of Time tells the spells from A Link to the Past, complementing its SNES predecessor. Clear feature of Ocarina of Time is the constant interplay between the two time levels in which Link must move around to fulfill his task.

Did You Know?

At the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E³) in Los Angeles, Ocarina of Time was honored as the “Best Game of the Year 1998”. Nintendo’s chief developer Shigeru Miyamoto also received five more Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences awards, also known as the Oscars of the Video Game Industry, for the game.

From the renowned Japanese magazine Famitsu, the game was the first ever the highest score 40 out of 40 points, as well as the highest award & scoring in the prestigious British EGDE magazine, which so far next Ocarina of Time only Super Mario 64, Gran Turismo, Half-Life 2 and Halo managed.

Ocarina Of Time Rom: Gold Cartridge

Ocarina of Time received an entry in the Guinness Book of Records under “Most Preorders for a 1998 Console Game.” 325,000 customers had pre-ordered the game in the US to get their copy right on the day of publication.

Within a month 2.5 million copies were sold, and although the game only appeared in November, it became the best-selling game of the year.

Different Versions

There are a total of three versions of the game box, the differences are small. The game cartridge in 1.0 is gilded (comparable to Zelda: Majora’s Mask), it appeared only in Japan and the USA. There are also gray cartridges of 1.0, but these are rare.

From version 1.1 and 1.2. there are only gray modules. Version 1.1 and 1.2 was produced after the release, it contains some changes and fixes minor bugs against the original: The color of Ganondorf’s blood has been changed from red to green.

The original music of the Fire Temple contained a chant; it was taken out due to complaints from Muslims because it contained phrases from Muslim prayers and caused unwanted associations (you can listen to the piece of music at this link).

Furthermore, a small sword bow as well as details in the fight with Twinrova was fixed. With the Gamecube version, the crescent moon and star (coat of arms of the Gerudo) was exchanged with its own symbol.

Ports of Ocarina of Time

In 2003 Ocarina of Time was ported to the Gamecube in the Zelda: Collector’s Edition. The same goes for Zelda’s Bonus Disc: The Wind Waker, which included Ocarina of Time Masterquest.

Masterquest in a modified version of Ocarina of Time with new dungeon puzzles. Also for Virtual Console was Ocarina of Time for 1000 Wii points on the Wii download.

Have fun playing!

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